Tired of Hose Clamps and their dust issues? BFM is here!

Rate Technology is now Ontario’s new Distributor for BFM Fittings!

BFM’s one of a kind flexible connections are guaranteed to keep plants hygienic while being easy to use.  They are 100% seal proof which means there is no leakage or build up of product, and they seal tighter under pressure.  These connectors snap in and out of their related spigots by hand, which makes installations and cleaning very easy.

The sizes of these spigots and flex connectors vary in increments of 50mm, starting at 100mm diameter and going up to 1650mm, while the lengths of the connectors range from 80mm up to 19ft8”.  These sizes will meet the needs of all your applications!

BFM fittings are manufactured in New Zealand and come in a wide variety of materials to suit specific needs.  Made from Ether based Polyurethane and FDA/3A/USDA approved, BFM manufactures breathable polyester for high temperatures as well as breathable polypropylene for low temperatures; Polytetrafluoroethylene for extremely high temperatures. They also use Kevlar flame retardant covers for applications that are potentially explosive, as well as black out covers for light sensitive applications.

They are commonly applied in plants that are involved with dry dust/powders using vibrating and oscillating sifters, conveyors and feeders, fans, silos, bin inlets and outlets, cyclones, blenders rotary valves and baghouses.

For more information please visit www.bfmfitting.com.