Flexicon Launches YouTube Channel!

We are pleased to announce the launch of Flexicon’s YouTube Channel. This channel will feature our high-quality, informative videos highlighting the features and benefits of Flexicon’s product line. Flexicon’s videos depict actual Flexicon equipment operating in processing facility-like settings.  For more please see Flexicon.

Dust Collection

Sometimes a dust can be created from processing certain materials.  This dust can be sent into the plant’s environment.  In some cases materials may even be hazardous for workers to inhale.  This is just one of the reasons why almost every manufacturing plant has a dust collector.  Collectors come in two main types: baghouses for … Continue reading Dust Collection

Special Announcement!!!

To Our Channel Partners, We are very pleased to announce that Charlie Fahlenbock will join Rate Technology Systems Ltd., as an Outside Sales Specialist effective May 1st, 2016.  As Outside Sales Specialist, Charlie’s responsibilities will include targeting key accounts, working with OEMs, and developing new long term business in the Ontario, Quebec and Maritime provinces.  Charlie … Continue reading Special Announcement!!!

Rigid Screw Conveying

Used in many different applications from food grade to abrasive materials, rigid screw conveyors are often looked at to contain dust while conveying high throughputs.  A shafted or shaftless screw sits in a U-trough via hanger bearings and can convey material horizontally, on an incline or vertically.  For more information on our rigid screw conveyors … Continue reading Rigid Screw Conveying

Flexible Screw Conveying

Universally known as one of the most efficient ways to convey bulk materials, flexible screw conveyors can handle virtually any product. A flex auger is inserted into an outer tube (UHMW, or Stainless steel) and one end is coupled to a motor which pulls the material towards to motor. These types of conveyors are often … Continue reading Flexible Screw Conveying


Screeners are an integral part of a process system. Some applications call for certain sized materials to be sent to end users. In other applications customers want to police and make sure there is no foreign material in their product stream. In both cases a screening unit does a great job. With options for single, … Continue reading Screening

Drag Conveying

In certain applications where a screw or belt conveyor isn’t ideal, customers turn towards our drag conveyors. These conveyors are available in any configuration. They can move material in three dimensions (example: ‘S’ configurations). If a material is brittle and requires gentle conveying this conveyor is a great fit. Material is conveyed by UHMW or … Continue reading Drag Conveying

Vibratory Conveying

This conveyor has little to no moving parts and are often used in abrasive applications, like coal, aggregate, foundries, and mining. An electromagnetic motor vibrates at high frequencies allowing the feeder pan or tube to cause the material to jump across the surface of it. As an option wear liners can be used to cause … Continue reading Vibratory Conveying

Drying / Thermal Processing

Indirect and direct drying equipment offers customers the chance to alter certain chemical properties of end products. Direct drying is when the material comes in direct contact with a heat source, like hot air. Indirect drying is when material comes in contact with a heated rotor or jacket. Materials react differently to heat transfer. It … Continue reading Drying / Thermal Processing

Magnetic Separation

Certain product streams may have tramp metal in them that need to be removed. Because tramp metal can be in any size or shape, a screener won’t be effective and customers turn to magnetic separation. If using a conveyor belt, a suspended overhead magnet does a great job. In other applications a pulley magnet, drum … Continue reading Magnetic Separation