Rate Technology Systems is a Canadian owned and operated company with decades of experience in dry material and bulk solids handling. We are a leading source in Canada for various applications in the dry material and bulk solids handling industry.

Our customers are particularly impressed with the personal treatment they receive, along with the creative approach we apply to difficult applications. Whether you need packaging, feeding, conveying, metering, mixing or weighing equipment Rate Technology Systems has the solution for you.

Our Customers

3M, ADM, Apollo Health & Beauty Products, Bayer, Brampton Brick, Bunge Canada, CCC Plastics, Cabot, Cameco, Canada Bread, Canada Brick, Clariant, Columbian Chemicals, Decoma, Dover Mills, Dow Chemical, Dupont, EFFEM Foods, Falconbridge, Federal White Cement, GM, General Mills, Gentek, Griffith Laboratories, Hanson Brick, Heinz, Heritage Coffee, Hershey, Hiram Walker, Hostess Frito Lay, Hudson Bay Mining, Imperial Oil, Inco, Ingenia Polymer, Johnson Rubber, Kelloggs, Kraft, Kronos, Kruger Pulp & Paper, La Farge, Lantic Sugar, Lipton, Nealanders, Nestles, Norbord, Nova, Omya, Owens Corning, Patheon, PepsiCola, Pillsbury, P&G, Quaker Oats, Ralston Purina, Redpath Sugar, Robinhood Multifoods, Salflex, S.C. Johnson Wax, Siemens, Stelco, UniLever, Vintex, Weetabix, Weyerhauser, Wrigleys, Xerox.

Our Process