COVID-19 Pandemic Statement

Now more than ever we are sending well wishes to each of you and your families. No one could have predicted we would be in the current COVID-19 pandemic situation we are each faced with.

It has been refreshing to see different people coming together in this time, like never before. It is optimistic things like this that help us focus on a better tomorrow.

For over 25 years companies just like yours have counted on Rate Technology Systems to provide invaluable expertise for your specific and various process applications. Our clients have told us that they appreciate how responsive we are, and how we pay attention to detail. Many of the industries we service are considered by the Canadian Government to be “essential.” We are letting you know that we are working remotely and able to help you in these uncertain times.

The current global situation has caused certain industry segments to spike in production & demand capacities, some projects have been fast-tracked, and some have been put on hold temporarily. Whatever your case may be, we are here to help support your business.

In times like this collaboration is a large contributing factor to success. We have been in close contact with all of our Suppliers across North America and are open to working with you and help you navigate through this challenging period. If you have any upcoming maintenance or capital projects (planned or last minute), please do not hesitate to let us know and we will help you.

For your reference, our most updated product line brochure can be found here:

2020 Line Card

2020 Customer Card

Wishing you all Stay Safe as we get through this together!