Russell Finex Filters Increase Productivity for Mondelēz International


Russell Finex Self-Cleaning Industrial Filters Heighten Productivity & Diminish Waste at Mondelēz International

Russell Finex‘s industrial self-cleaning filtration system effectively reduced product waste at food manufacturing giant, Mondelēz International. A leading snack and confectionary manufacturer, Mondelēz contacted Russell Finex after evaluating the production process for one of its chocolate bars. During the analysis, Mondelēz noticed that significant amounts of caramel were wasted; resulting in the search for a more efficient in-line filter.

Previously supplied with seven Russell Compact Sieves®  for screening flour, Mondelēz relied on Russell Finex’s expertise to diminish the waste manufacturing issue. After specialized onsite testing using an efficient Russell Eco Filter®, Mondelēz received positive results. The innovative in-line filter was successful at keeping high viscose caramel in a liquid state by filtering at a temperature of 35C, and achieved Mondelēz’s goal by reducing waste by 20 percent. More importantly, a following test taste found no difference in quality between a bar with or without the reclaimed caramel.

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